Most Building HVAC Systems
DO NOT Operate as "Designed"

We Fix That!

24x7 Equipment Monitoring & Control with Live Helpdesk

Don't be Surprised by Equipment Failures
Keep Your Tenants Happy & Safe!


BMS Assurance with Live Helpdesk Support

Read the Report "Building Systems Do Not Operate As Designed"

Building Equipment to the Cloud
Building Conditions in Real Time
Problems Before they Cost You

Hear From Some Fantastic Clients

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"Making my life so much easier. I definetly value working with Energy ETC. They help me, ... to save my time and my money at the building which helps the owner at the end of the day."

"Happy tenants equals happy owners...everyone's happy.
Energy ETC helps the building run smoothly, and to be honest I wish I had them at all of our buildings."

"I am fortunate to have Energy ETC as a partner.  Their care and commitment helped our team transform a poorly running mechanical system into a smoothly operating one."

Smart Buildings by Building Clouds

"Installation was faster than expected with no disruption to operations. They met all of our security concerns, and the system is so easy to use.
The support from their helpdesk is amazing." 

Smart Buildings by Building Clouds

Wireless IoT

Simply & securely connect building systems to the cloud over Wi-Fi or Cellular.

Smart Buildings by Building Clouds

Mobile Friendly

Monitor & control HVAC, lights, meters, from anywhere, anytime.

Smart Buildings by Building Clouds

Live Helpdesk

Experienced operators ensure your equipment is operating properly.

Smart Buildings by Building Clouds

Vendor Management

We can manage your pre-approved vendors to complete repairs, the first time.

Smart Buildings by Building Clouds

Tenant Experience

Our My.Climate app sends temperature adjustment requests to the HVAC system.

How to save 25% or More on Operating Costs, Automatically

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How Our Service Works

A Smart Building is Born in 5 Simple Steps

• Engineers remotely review your rooftop equipment using GEO visualization software.  Now we know what to connect to.
• We schedule a call or meeting to demonstrate how we can help you.
• We agree with you on a method of measuring the value we will provide.

• On your scheduled date and time our Technicians will access your rooftop and install our IoT devices.
• Installation takes 2 to 4 hours for most buildings.
• Your account is now active, and monitoring has begun.
• Enjoy the Calm!

• Helpdesk Technicians check your building(s) daily for proper operation.
• Helpdesk can provide front-line assistance to tenants, while keeping you in the loop.
• You will be notified, by your preferred method (phone, email, text message) of issues which require attention.
• Helpdesk Technicians will manage each event to completion.
• Perhaps now you can take that well deserved vacation!

Smart Buildings

How to Create Superior Facilities

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