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Bridging the Facility Management Gap

IFMA & RICS Report
"Raising the Bar:
From Operational Excellence
to Strategic Impact in FM"
The Facility Management Talent Shortage has Arrived

Virtual Staffing - Real Professionals

Live, Experienced, Helpdesk Engineers to Support and Supplement Your Team.
Automated Intelligence, Coupled with Facilities Professionals.
A key component of our Connect - Monitor - Correct Service.

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Connect - Monitor - Correct

Save 25% on Building Operating Costs.

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Tenant Experience

Our My.Climate app sends temperature adjustment requests to the HVAC system.

Improve Tenant Comfort!

BMS Assurance Smart Buildings

Historic Class-A

Class A Office Building in San Francisco Gives Tenants a Web Based Temperature Control System. Tenants Can Manage ... read more

Zero Net Energy Climate

Zero Net Energy

In addition to tracking the ZNEC’s power generation and usage, the integrated Energy Management System ensures that ... read more

Smart Buildings Facility Management

Outdated BMS

He was told the expensive upgrade would look about the same due to the age of the existing controllers. He was not happy. ... read more

smart buildings by building clouds

Remarkable Savings

An executive office center in Northern California upgrades controls, utility bill reduced by 15% savings average $3,000/month ... read more

BMS Assurance Smart Buildings

Stop the Madness

Building Clouds BMS Assurance Program
Ends 7 Years of Tenant Discomfort
and Financial Drain. the BMS Assurance program was online ... read more

Zero Net Energy Climate

Smart Fire Station

Building Clouds designed, assembled, and delivered a turn-key "Parts & Smarts" solution complete with Internet connectivity ... read more

Smart Buildings Facility Management

Smart Warehouse

A newly constructed 300,000 square foot warehouse faced a mold growth issue ... read more

smart buildings by building clouds

Immediate Energy Savings

In the heart of Silicon Valley, California a once cutting-edge medical office building faced an unexpected ... read more

BMS Assurance Smart Buildings

Enhancing Critical Cleanroom Environmental Control

Utilizing cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the manufacturer has fine-tuned environmental conditions within their cleanrooms. ... read more

Smart Buildings by Building Clouds

Giving a Silent BMS a Voice

When a Property Manager’s first indication of an HVAC failure is a tenant calling to complain about their environment, that’s a problem. This was the case at a two-story office building in Vallejo, CA ... read more

Smart Buildings Facility Management

Energy Savings in Retail

The integration of a cloud-native BMS has proven to be a transformative step for the retail furniture outlet. The insightful visualization of energy usage data, made possible by ... read more

smart buildings by building clouds

Integrated Manufacturing Campus

By providing a comprehensive solution that includes pre-configured kits, 24x7 cloud-based monitoring, and live expert support, we can help businesses save energy, reduce costs, and improve uptime. ... read more

BMS Assurance Smart Buildings

From Obsolete to Outstanding

unlock the secrets to modernizing your infrastructure for unparalleled success. . ... read more

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